2nd half SOMBILLA Schedule 2019 Ė 2020




Who's playing

Host & time


Sun. 1/5

Tom at Eric

Jeff (via Tom) at Eric


11:00 at Tomís

The Jeff series is a makeup from the first half

Tue. 1/7

Jed at Randy

7:30 Internet


Thu. 1/9

Jeff (via Tom) at Arnie

7:30 at Arnieís

Could be flexed to Tomís house

Sat. 1/11

Jed at Robin

Arnie at Randy


1:00 Internet

1:00 at Arnieís


Fri. 1/17-Sat. 1/18

Arnie at Robin


Various at A&Rís


Sun. 1/19

Jeff (via Sam and Tom) at Jed


7:00 Internet

Welcome to the SOMBILLA, Sam!

Mon. 1/20


Jeff (via Sam) at Tom

1:00 at Samís


Sat. 1/25

Eric at Arnie

1:00 at Ericís

Hopefully Eric is not working

Sun. 1/26

Robin at Harold

Randy at Harold

11:00 at Robinís

1:30 at Robinís


Personal bash for Harold

Wed. 1/29

Jed at Tom

7:30 Internet



Sat. 2/1

Arnie at Harold

2:30 at Haroldís


Sun. 2/2

Randy at Tom

Noon at Randyís

Super Bowl Sunday

Wed. 2/5

Eric at Jed


7:00 Internet


Thu. 2/6


Tom at Harold

7:30 at Tomís


Sun. 2/9

Robin at Tom

Eric at Randy

Robin at Eric

Jeff (via Tom) at Randy


11:00 at Ericís

Ericís first bash!

Thu. 2/13

Harold at Jed

Tom at Arnie

7:30 Internet

7:30 at Tomís



Thu. 2/20

Arnie at Jed


7:00 Internet


Sat. 2/22

Randy at Robin

1:00 at Robinís



Sun. 2/23

Harold at Eric

10:00 at Ericís

Will this series mean anything?


Draft Day - Sunday, March 29